Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is the best substitutes in furniture and design industries.

molds variety

Silicon Mold: for negative angle commodity

Epoxy Resin Mold: for simple commodity

use benefits of Polyurethane foam

1-Easy and fast production

2-High mechanical performance

3-No water suction

4-Brilliant apparent

It is used in production of complement commodity, design and furniture industries’ materials, art tableau and so on.

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Production process of Polyurethane foam

Firstly decrease Polyols temperature to zero, secondly combine Polyols with Isocyanates and use hyper-mixer. Material must be spread in the mold. Finally we must care of bulbs and avoid them.

Densities 500 to 550 with 15 to 25 percent volume increment

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Polyurethane glue: for wood and insulation and sealant used industrial refrigerators

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Polyurethane foam