Carbon Fiber – Peel Ply – Kevlar Fiber

Carbon Fiber

We can name elasticity and modularity and flexibility and resistance to friction and durability and especially low weight as the outstanding qualities of carbon fibers and they have shown considerable resistance to even passage of X-Ray and high pressure and heat. Therefore today carbon fibers have created an evolution in composite technology which wasn’t available to man before this.



The property of these fibers is preventing the back of the work from becoming glassy due to concentration of resin and is capable of being attached to hardware.

Kevlar Fiber

Kevlar fibers show high resistance to shocks caused by heat or a strike and today they’re widely utilized in military and shipbuilding industries such that all bullet proof vests and vehicles are created from Kevlar fibers. And in sports industries they are used as protective garment in motorcycle and car races and they’re also used in making sails



Carbon Fiber – Peel Ply – Kevlar Fiber