Glass Fiber

Fiber glass can be used in the following instances due to having high elasticity, its especially low weight, resistance to heat shocks, low price & being a nonconductor of electricity.

For example it is used in insulation, electrical, audio & sports industries, for isolating metal pipes in aerospace, car-making industries, wind farms, shipbuilding, military & electronic industries, construction & chemical industries. And it is supplied in several types: Woven , cut & wool.

1358349875_shishebottompic1E-Glass spray up Roving

E-Glass Assembled Roving for thermoplastics

E-Glass Assembled Roving for Pultrasion

Strenght Eglass Roving

High silica fiber glass Roving

E-Glass Assembled Roving for smc

E-Glass Assembled Roving for Chopped strandmat

E-Glass Assembled Roving for filamant winding Woven Rovig

Fiber glass maltiaxial stitched fabric

E-chopped strand mat




Glass Fiber