About us

Shimi Afsoon Company was established in 1993 with the management of Mr. Hamid Bahram Nejad and started its activity in the field of chemical industries and composite. The activity of this company primarily started from selling composite raw materials and molding resins and gradually due to efforts of management and expert and skilled human force by updating the existing information in this field and constant presence in domestic and international fairs and scholarly circles having developed its field of activity triggered the establishment of a factory named Afsoon Fiber active in the field of production of composite pieces. Also this company is the sole agency of chopped glass & carbon fiber of Camelson Co. of Turkey, Glass fiber & Coremat of Sphertex Co. of Germany, Sculpture and transparent heat molding products from Chinese Guangzhou JYHG Co., Cobalt acid and Moldrelease and color paste from Chinese FRP Co., Composite Instrument Set from Akrulo, also Polyester Resin1818 and1515 from Afrashimi company. We are merely represent of Paya Zarand Company in Resins 1300, 1400, 1500 and 1600.